We updated our MAX GO mobile app and MAXGO.com

We updated MAXGO.com and our mobile app, making it easier to browse and watch Cinemax shows and movies.

  • Phone or tablet: We redesigned our MAX GO app; download our latest app on your iOS or Android device and check out the Home, Search & Browse, and Profile icons. If your MAX GO app doesn’t look different, go to the app store on your device and download the MAX GO update.
  • Computer: When you sign in at MAXGO.com, you'll notice that we moved some things around; Browse and Search are now in the upper-left corner, and your Profile is in the upper-right corner.

Here are some additional changes:

  • Sign In: You'll need to sign in the first time you go to MAXGO.com or open the updated MAX GO app on your phone or tablet.
  • Continue Watching: When you watch a video, MAX GO keeps track of your progress. If you don't finish watching something, you can pick up where you left off by going to Continue Watching.
  • My List : We renamed Watchlist to My List and added some new functionality. Unfortunately, the items on your Watchlist won't appear on My List. See Using My List for more info.
  • Collections: Max Packs (groups of shows and movies) are now called Collections and are available from the Browse icon. 
  • Browser and OS support: You might need to update your browser or mobile OS version to use the MAX GO update. To learn more, please see Supported devices