How to navigate HBO

When you sign in, you'll see the Home screen, with featured series, movies, documentaries, comedies, and more.

Browsing categories

You can browse categories, such as Series and Movies, as well as curated Collections such as Essential HBO or Just-Added Movies. Some videos might appear in more than one category.

To browse categories, choose the Browse icon:


Browse icon (squares)

(If you don't see the Browse icon, scroll left to see the menu.)

To get back to the Home screen:


Choose the Browse icon (upper-left) and then choose Home.

Using search

You can use Search to quickly find something to watch. You can search for the title of a movie, a series, or an episode, as well as directors and cast members.

The Search icon is at the top of the screen. Choose the Search icon at the top of the screen and enter your search text. As you enter each letter, Search displays the closest matches. If there are too many results, enter a few more letters.

Finding series episodes

Each series has its own page with information about the series and available episodes. To go to a series, choose the Browse icon, then choose Series, and then choose the series name.

Most series have episodes grouped by season. Choose a season number to see all episodes in that season. (You might have to scroll down to see the season numbers.)

Keeping up with your favorites

When you're signed in to HBO, you can see any videos that you haven't finished watching on your Continue Watching list. You can also use My List to keep track of shows and movies that you want to watch later.

Viewing your profile and settings

From your profile, you can do things like set parental controls and change your settings. To get to your profile, choose the Profile icon in the upper-left corner: