Why does HBO GO look different on my TV?

We've made several changes to the HBO GO app to make it easier to find and enjoy HBO content on your TV. Most importantly, there are 3 new icons in the upper-right corner of the screen. Here's what these icons do:

Navigation icons, upper right

  • Browse (the squares): If you're not sure what you want to watch, choose the Browse icon and then select Home to see the featured shows, movies, documentaries, etc. You can also choose the type of content you want to browse, for example: Movies, Series, Comedy, or Documentaries.
  • Search (a magnifying glass): Find what you want to watch, from any screen in the app. Choose the Search icon and then type the name of the movie, series, or episode that you want to watch.
  • Settings (a person). When you're signed in, you can see parental controls, turn on Continue Watching, change the look of the closed captions, and sign out.

Here are a few of the other changes:

  • The app screens scroll vertically (up and down) instead of horizontally (left and right). Most people find vertical scrolling easier, and now our TV apps work the same as our computer, phone, and tablet versions.
  • My List and Continue Watching are right on the Home screen when you sign in. (From anywhere else in the app, choose the Browse icon and then choose Home.)
  • Categories and genres are easier to find. When you choose a category like Movies or Series, you'll see sub-categories along the top of the screen, such as Action, Drama, Horror/Sci-Fi, and Romance. You can access all the episodes for a series from a single screen, no matter how many seasons there are.