Why does HBO GO look different?

We've made several changes to the HBO GO app to make it easier to find and enjoy HBO content. Most importantly, we've added some icons to make it easier to find your way around. Here's what these icons do:

Browse icon

If you're not sure what you want to watch, choose the Browse icon. Then choose the type of content you want to you want to browse, for example: Movies, Series, Comedy, Documentaries, etc. Choose Home to see featured content in each category.

Phone and tablet

Browse icon (a magnifying glass and three lines)


Browse icon (three lines)


Browse icon (squares)

Search icon

Find what you want to watch, from any screen in the app. Choose the Search icon and then type the name of the movie, series, or episode that you want to watch.

Phone and tablet

Search icon (a magnifying glass and three lines)

Computer and TV

Search icon (a magnifying glass)

Profile icon

Choose the Profile icon to access your profile and settings.

Phone, tablet, computer, and TV

Profile icon (a person)

General changes

  • On phones, tablets, and computers, My List and Continue Watching are under your Profile. On TVs, they're at the top of the Home screen when you're signed in.
  • Categories and genres are easier to find. When you choose a category like Movies or Series, you'll see sub-categories, such as Action, Drama, Horror/Sci-Fi, and Romance.
  • All the episodes for a series are available from a single screen, no matter how many seasons are in the series.

For more information, see How to navigate HBO GO.