How do I remotely sign out of HBO GO?

You can sign out of HBO GO on any device from your phone, tablet, or computer. You may want to do this if you forgot to sign out of a device that you no longer own, or if you think your account is being used without your permission.

Sign out of one or more devices

To remotely sign out of HBO GO on one or more devices:

  1. Sign in to HBO GO on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Phone or tablet: Tap the Profile icon and then tap the Settings icon (upper-right corner). 
    • Computer: In the upper-right corner, choose the Profile icon.
  3. Choose Manage DevicesHere you can see a list of devices that have been used recently, along with the Last Used time or date. 
  4. To sign out of...

    • One device: Find the device that you want to sign out of and choose the corresponding Sign Out button.
    • All devices: Choose Sign Out of All Devices. This will sign you out of all devices including the one you're using.

      Important  If you think your TV provider account is being used without your permission, change your password before signing out of all devices. For more info, see Account accessed without my permission.
  5. Confirm that you want to sign out of a device or all devices.

Important  Signing out your TV provider account (and any sub-accounts associated with your TV provider account) of all devices can take up to 4 hours. If someone in your household is streaming a show or movie, they won't be signed out of HBO GO until the end of the show or movie. If you're getting a simultaneous streams message, you won't be able to start streaming on another device until one of your devices stops streaming.  

Note  Some TV providers allow you to create sub-accounts for members of your household. Customers signed in with a sub-account can choose to sign out of all devices.  

Session Expired message or you're unexpectedly signed out

If you get a 'Session Expired' message or you're unexpectedly signed out of HBO GO, someone in your household may have signed out of your device using the steps above. To start streaming again, you'll need to sign in to HBO GO again. If you can't sign back in, check to see if someone in your household changed the password for your TV provider account.