Android OS, iOS, and Fire OS versions needed for HBO GO

As of November 1, 2018, here's what you need to use the HBO GO app:


Operating Software

Android phones and tablets

Android version 4.1 or later is needed

Apple iPhone or iPad

iOS version 8.0 or later is needed

Amazon Fire Tablets

Fire OS 

If you're using an older version of iOS or Android OS, you'll need to update the device software before you can stream HBO GO. To find out which software version you're using, see How to find your device software version.

Here's how to update your device software:

  1. Android: To update the software on your Android phone or tablet, go to Settings and search for 'Software update.'
  2. iOS: To update the software on your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Software Update. For more info, go to Update your iOS device.
  3. Amazon Fire: To update the software on your Fire tablet, go to Settings > Device > System Updates > Check Now. For more info, go to Fire Software Updates.

Once you've updated the OS software on your device, make sure you have the latest version of HBO GO. To do this, open the app store on your device and search for HBO GO.  

If your device software can't be updated to a supported software version or you have a Fire tablet (1st or 2nd generation), you'll need to stream HBO GO on another device (or on your computer at To see our supported devices, see Which devices work with HBO GO?