AT&T TV NOW, WatchTV, and U-Verse TV: Streaming HBO

If you subscribe to HBO through one of the following AT&T video services, you can sign in to HBO GO and stream all of HBO:

  • AT&T TV NOW (formerly called DIRECTV NOW)
  • AT&T WatchTV
  • AT&T U-verse TV

Here's how to sign in to HBO GO:

  1. Do one of the following:

  2. Choose your provider: AT&T TV, AT&T WatchTV, or AT&T U-verse TV.
  3. Enter the username and password for your AT&T TV NOW, AT&T WatchTV, or AT&T U-verse account. If you don't know your username and password, contact AT&T TV NOWAT&T U-verse or AT&T WatchTV.

If this is your first time signing in, you'll be prompted to create an HBO GO profile before you can start streaming.

For additional help, please see How do I sign in? or Can't sign in to HBO GO.