Streaming Westworld

To stream all three seasons of Westworld:

  1. Add HBO to your TV package. See Ways to Get HBO.
  2. Sign in to the HBO app on TiVo.
  3. Choose the Search icon and enter Westworld

New episodes will be available when they premiere on HBO. Find out more about Westworld at

Note is no longer available. If your provider supports HBO Max, you can sign in at or on any supported device. To learn more, see I have HBO. Do I get HBO Max?

Westworld Awakening VR Experience

'Westworld Awakening' is a virtual reality experience set in and around events at the end of Westworld Season 2. The experience inserts players into a meticulously crafted world of adventure, danger, and fantasy.

Westworld Awakening is in more than 400 VR arcades and available to download on Steam, Oculus, and VIVEPORT. 

You can download Westworld Awakening for $29.99 through these stores:

Westworld Awakening is compatible with the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift headsets, and Vive and Oculus Touch controllers.  

Subtitles, volume, and video quality

From the main menu in Westworld Awakening, you can select Settings in order to adjust the video quality, the in-game volume, or turn subtitles on/off.

For help using Westworld Awakening, contact us at