No sound or static with HBO GO on Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

If you're not getting sound or hearing static in HBO GO, try the following: 
  • Make sure your speakers are connected to your Dolby Digital Plus receiver.
  • Make sure your HDMI/Optical connectors are plugged in.
  • Reverse the ends of the cable or trying using another cable.
If you're still experiencing hear static or not getting sound, try turning off Dolby Digital Plus:
On your Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick, go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital Plus OFF.
In order to get Dolby Digital Plus audio, you need to have a receiver that supports Dolby Digital Plus. Dolby Digital Plus is an audio technology based on Dolby Digital 5.1, the established standard for home theater surround sound.