How do I get HBO GO to play full screen on my computer?

To stream videos full screen on your computer:

  1. Start playing a video at
  2. Move your mouse to the lower-right corner and click the full-screen icon (four arrows pointing outwards).

To exit full-screen mode, click the full-screen icon again or press the Esc key.

Note  The highest resolution supported at is 1080p. If your video resolution is greater than 1080p, videos might not play full screen or may be clipped off. To resolve this issue, try changing your screen resolution.

If videos are not playing full screen, try these steps:

Step 1: Watch on your primary monitor

If your computer has multiple monitors, try watching HBO GO on your primary monitor.

Step 2: Restart your browser

Quit your browser, restart it, go back to and try playing a video again.

Step 3: Update your browser 

Check to see if there's an update available for your browser. To find out how to do this, search the Internet for: update + the name of your browser (i.e. update Chrome). See Supported browsers

Step 4: Try another browser

To see if the issue is related to a browser plug-in or add-on, open another browser and try playing a video full screen.

Note  Some HBO GO shows and movies may have black bars around the video image (along the top and bottom or on the sides). Black bars are added in lieu of stretching or clipping the video image when the aspect ratio of the video doesn't match the aspect ratio of your screen. You can't manually adjust the aspect ratio in the video player to remove the black bars.