How do I restrict what my kids can watch on HBO GO?

There are two ways to control what your kids can watch or browse on HBO GO:

  • Parental controls: Use movie and TV ratings to limit what can be watched.
  • Kids lock (on phones and tablets): Limit browsing and watching to the Kids section only.

Parental controls

Parental controls limit which HBO GO shows and movies can be watched based on industry-standard movie and TV ratings. For more information, see How to use parental controls.

Kids lock

Kids lock lets you comfortably hand your phone or tablet to your kids and know that they can only access shows and movies in the Kids section (shows and movies with a rating of PG or lower). When Kids lock is active, shows and movies in sections other than Kids can't be browsed or played and Search is unavailable.

Note  Kids lock is only available on your phone or tablet. 

To turn on Kids lock:

  1. Open HBO GO, then tap the Browse icon, and then Kids.
  2. In the upper-left corner, tap the Lock icon (if you don't see the Lock icon, make sure you're signed in).
  3. If you haven't created a PIN, you'll be prompted to create one (parental controls and Kids lock share the same 4-digit PIN).
  4. Choose Turn on.

Kids Lock is now active, the Lock icon to a closed padlock, and your child can only browse shows and movies in the Kids section. Movies and TV shows in the Kids section have a rating of PG or lower. To add further restrictions, you can use parental controls.

To turn off Kids lock, tap the Lock icon and then enter your PIN. If you forgot your PIN, see How to reset or change your PIN.

Note: Movies and TV shows in the Kids section have a rating of PG or lower. To add further restrictions, use parental controls.

Using parental controls and Kids Lock together

You can use parental controls and Kids lock together on your phone or tablet. For example, you can set the maximum-allowed movie rating to G and the maximum-allowed TV show rating to TV-G. Now if you turn on Kids Lock, your child can watch only G-rated movies and shows in the Kids section. Your child can still browse PG-rated movies in the Kids section, but the parental controls prevent them from watching those movies.