HBO Kids and Sesame Street on HBO

HBO Kids is a section of award-winning shows and Hollywood movies just for kids (rated PG or lower). To browse the HBO Kids programming, choose the Kids category in the HBO app

How many episodes of Sesame Street are available?

New episodes of Sesame Street 2020 (Season 50) are added each Saturday. 

Along with new Sesame Street 2020 season, the 9 most recent seasons are available, as well as classic episodes from the show's 40-year history.

Does this mean that Sesame Street won't be on PBS?

No, Sesame Street will continue to air uninterrupted on PBS. PBS KIDS airs Sesame Street every day.

How can I restrict what my kids can watch on HBO?

The HBO app on TiVo includes parental controls. See Parental controls on TiVo.

Note is no longer available. If your provider supports HBO Max, you can sign in at or on any supported device.