How does the HBO GO Watchlist work?

Your Watchlist on Apple TV (2nd or 3rd gen) is a list of shows and movies that you've saved to watch at another time. Your Watchlist is available when you sign in to HBO GO on any device (your computer, phone, tablet, or TV).

My List  If your HBO GO app has My List, please see My List: What you want to watch later

Add or remove an item to your Watchlist

Find a show or movie that you want to watch and..

  • Apple TV (2nd or 3rd gen): Choose the item, and then choose Add to Watchlist

If a show or movie is already on your Watchlist, you'll see - Remove or Remove from Watchlist. Episodes and movies stay on your Watchlist until you remove them or they're no longer available on HBO GO. 

Note  You can't add an entire series to your watchlist at once. Instead, you can add individual shows, or go to a show's series page to see which shows you haven't watched (for example, go to Series > Game of Thrones to see where you are in the Game of Thrones series).

What you can do from the Watchlist screen

To see what's on your Watchlist, navigate to Watchlist (if you don't see Watchlist, add a show or movie to your Watchlist). Then choose an item on your Watchlist to play it or see more info. 

See also: How to use the Continue Watching list