How to limit cellular data usage on Android devices

If you have a fast enough cellular data rate (3G or faster), you can watch HBO GO using your cellular connection. However, streaming video uses a large amount of data, so you might want to be careful about when you use your cellular connection.

HBO GO has two video playback settings to help you manage your cellular data usage:

WiFi Only

To limit video playback to WiFi only, go to Settings > Video Playback and turn on WiFi Only.

When this option is turned on, you can only play videos when you're connected to a WiFi network. If you try to play a video using your cellular data connection, you'll get a message telling you about your playback settings.

Cellular Playback Warning

To get a warning about cellular data usage, go to Settings > Video Playback and turn on Cellular Playback Warning.

Now before playing a video using your cellular connection, you'll get a message warning you about possible charges from your wireless provider.

Some wireless providers and service plans limit video streaming. Contact your wireless provider to confirm your service plan.