Can't sign in to HBO GO on PlayStation 3

You'll need to have your phone or a computer handy to sign in on your PlayStation 3. Here's how to sign in:

  1. Open HBO GO on your PlayStation 3, and from Welcome choose Sign In.
  2. Follow these TV sign-in steps.

If you can't sign in, try these steps:

Step 1: Sign-in troubleshooting steps

Try the Sign-in troubleshooting steps. If these steps don't help, here's an additional step to try.

Step 2: Delete and reinstall HBO GO

  1. Remove HBO GO from your PlayStation 3.
  2. Restart your PlayStation 3 system.
  3. Download the HBO GO app from the PlayStation Store.
  4. Open HBO GO and try signing in again

Why do I have to sign in again on my Playstation?

TV Providers require subscribers to periodically sign in to HBO GO as a security measure.