Can't sign in to HBO GO on Android phone or tablet

You sign in to HBO GO using the username and password for your TV provider account. If you can't remember or don't know your sign-in information, contact your TV provider. You can change or reset your username or password through your TV provider's website or customer support center. HBO does not have access to your sign-in information.

If you can't sign in on your Android device, try the following steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your TV provider's website

Make sure you can sign in at your TV provider's website:

  1. Go to your TV provider's website and sign in with the username and password for your TV provider account.
  2. If you can't sign in, contact your TV provider. If you can sign in, try the next step.

Step 2: Clear cache and reinstall HBO GO 

Because there are many different versions of the Android OS, the following steps might vary.

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Apps (or on older Android versions, go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager).
  2. Find and tap HBO GO in the list of downloaded apps.
  3. Tap Force Stop.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. Tap Clear Data (or Clear Storage) to clear HBO GO app data from your device's memory.
  6. Tap Clear Cache.
  7. Go back and tap Uninstall.
  8. Go to Google Play Store and reinstall the HBO GO app.
  9. Open HBO GO and try signing in.

If you still can't sign in, try the next step.

Step 3: Clear browsing data

Try clearing your browsing data on your Android phone or tablet. To find out how to do this, open your browser on your phone or tablet and search Help for "cookies."

After you've cleared your browsing data, move to the next step if you still can't sign in.

Step 4: Install Android software updates

Check for Android software updates on your phone or tablet by going to Settings > Software Update. Or on older versions of Android, go to Settings > About Phone > System Update.

If you still can't sign into HBO GO on your Android device, contact us for additional troubleshooting help.