How to subscribe/unsubscribe to the HBO GO newsletter

We periodically send HBO GO show and movie recommendations, product updates, special offers, and more in the HBO GO newsletter. If you would like to get these emails, do either of the following:


  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click on your HBO GO ID.
  3. Choose Notifications.
  4. Check or uncheck the Yes, send me updates check box.

Phone or Tablet

  1. Open the HBO GO app and sign in.
  2. Tap the Menu button (appears as three lines in the upper-left corner).
  3. Tap SettingProfile Edit (upper-right corner).
  4. Turn on or turn off the HBO GO Newsletter toggle.
  5. Tap Save.

To change the email address that receives the newsletter, see How do I change my profile information?

Note: There might be a small delay before changes to your email setting take effect.