How to find shows and movies available in Spanish

Some HBO series and movies are available in Spanish. 

Find shows or movies in Spanish

To see what's available in Spanish, choose the Browse icon, then choose Series or Movies, and then choose Latino.

Watch a show or movie in Spanish

When a show or movie is available in Spanish, the option to play in Spanish appears on the details page:

  • TiVo: Choose what you want to watch, and then choose Espanol or Play in Spanish.

Not all programming is available in Spanish. To see Latino programming, navigate to Series or Movies and then choose the Latino subcategory.

Note  If you choose to watch a Spanish video in English, the audio will be in Spanish with English subtitles. Subtitles are a translation of the video's dialogue and can't be turned off.

HBO Series from Europe, Asia, and Latin America

To browse HBO series from Europe, Asia, and Latin America, choose the Browse icon, then choose Series and then choose International.