All about HBO GO VR

HBO GO VR is the virtual reality app that gives you all of HBO on Daydream-supported Android device to watch your favorite shows and movies in a virtual reality experience. You must have an HBO subscription through a TV provider to use HBO GO VR. If you don't have HBO, contact your TV provider or go to

What do I need?

Sign in to HBO GO VR

Here's how to sign in:

  1. Download and install the HBO GO VR app from the Google Play Store on a Daydream-supported phone
  2. Open HBO GO VR and choose to play a movie or show
  3. Remove your phone from the Daydream headset and hold your phone in portrait mode
  4. Tap Sign In
  5. Select your TV provider
  6. Enter your TV provider’s email and password, then tap Sign In
  7. Tap Return to VR
  8. Put your phone back into the Daydream headset and put the headset back on

How do I change settings in HBO GO VR?

The HBO GO and HBO GO VR apps use the same settings. This means that if you change your settings in HBO GO (e.g. change your parental controls), the change will apply to HBO GO VR. You can't change your settings in the HBO GO VR app.

Using the Daydream controller

You use the Daydream controller to interact with the HBO GO VR app.

  • Volume: You can adjust the volume using the buttons on the side of your Daydream controller. You can use your phone's speaker or plug in headphones for stereo sound.
  • Touchpad: Swipe on the touchpad to move the cursor or press the touchpad to make a selection.
  • App button: Press to go back to the previous screen.  
  • Home button: Press and hold the Home button to re-center yourself in the experience. Or press/click the button to go to the Home screen.

How do I switch viewing environments?

HBO GO VR has four virtual reality viewing environments to choose from. To switch environments, do the following:

  1. Using the Daydream controller touchpad, move your cursor up to the Environment icon at the top of the screen (the icon looks like two mountains).
  2. Press the touchpad to choose the environment icon.  
  3. Now choose any of the following environments:
  • Home Theater
  • Game of Thrones
  • Westworld
  • Cloud Theater

Once you find an environment that you like, choose the X at the top of the screen to exit.

Troubleshooting HBO GO VR

Cursor is sluggish or drifts

If the cursor in HBO GO VR is sluggish or drifts, press and hold the Home button (lower button on your controller) to recenter the cursor in the middle of the screen.  

Bluetooth headphones

If you have a sound issue and you're using Bluetooth headphones, try using wired headphones instead. The Google Daydream controller uses Bluetooth and may be conflicting with your Bluetooth headphones.

Low volume with wired headphones

If the volume is too low when using wired headphones with HBO GO VR, try the following:

  1. On your phone, go to Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Volume.
  2. Move the Media volume slider until you get a safety warning.
  3. Accept the safety warning.
  4. Go back to HBO GO VR and use the volume buttons on the Daydream controller to increase the volume.

Additional troubleshooting steps

If you're having another issue with HBO GO VR, force close and restart the HBO GO VR app. To find out how, see Troubleshoot HBO GO on Android phones and tablets.

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