What is HBO NOW and how is it different from HBO GO?

HBO NOW is a stand-alone streaming service that doesn't require a cable or satellite TV package. To learn more, go to What is HBO NOW?

HBO GO is a streaming service included free with your paid HBO subscription through a TV provider (e.g. Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum and many more). A cable or TV package that includes HBO is required. To learn more, see How do I sign up for HBO GO? 

To see all the ways you can get HBO, go to HBO.com/ways-to-get.

How do I sign in?

HBO NOW: Sign in using your HBO NOW email and password. How do I sign in to HBO NOW?

HBO GO: Sign in using the username and password for your TV provider account. How do I sign in to HBO GO?

Similarities between HBO NOW and HBO GO

Same shows and movies

Both support simultaneous streaming

  • HBO GO and HBO NOW support simultaneous streaming. This means that members of your household can sign in on different devices and stream different shows or movies at the same time.

Same availability

  • HBO GO and HBO NOW are only accessible in the United States and certain U.S. territories for subscribers who reside in the U.S. Learn more