MAX GO frequently asked questions

What is MAX GO?

MAX GO is a free streaming service that's included with your paid Cinemax subscription through a TV provider. With MAX GO you can instantly access hit movies and new Cinemax original series. To add Cinemax to your TV subscription, go to

Does MAX GO work with Chromecast?

No, MAX GO does not yet support Chromecast.

Are shows on MAX GO offered in Spanish?

Yes, there are shows on MAX GO that are offered in Spanish. If a particular show has a Spanish version, it will be noted on the show's info page.

How to subscribe/unsubscribe from the MAX GO emails

To change your MAX GO email preferences, do the following:

  • On your computer, choose the Profile icon (upper-right corner) and then choose Notifications. Clear and mark the Yes, send me updates check box.

You can also choose the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any MAX GO email.

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