Using Watchlist on MAX GO

You can add shows and movies that you'd like to view in the future to your Watchlist. Your Watchlist is associated with your profile, which means it's available when you sign in to MAX GO on any device or on

Once you find a video you want to watch, select the (+) icon to add the show to your Watchlist, (on some devices it may just say "Add to Watchlist"). You can add an unlimited number of videos and, from your computer, sort them by expiration date, title or your own customized order. The items in your Watchlist will remain the same, even when you log in to MAX GO from a different device. Videos will remain in your Watchlist until you remove or delete them, or they expire.

What is a series pass?

A Series Pass adds new episodes from the current season of a Cinemax Original Series to your Watchlist automatically. To sign up for a Series Pass, select Series, choose a series that is currently showing a new season with new episodes, then select Get Series Pass. Once you sign up, new episodes from the current season of that series will be added to your Watchlist automatically as they become available. Also, once you set up your Series Pass, it will not expire. Instead, it remains active for future seasons of the show, until you cancel it.

Note: Only a current season of a series can have a Series Pass.