How do I sign in to MAX GO?

To sign in to MAX GO, you need two things:

  1. A Cinemax subscription through a cable or satellite TV provider.
  2. The username and password of your TV provider account. 

To sign in to MAX GO: 

  1. Go to and choose Sign In (in the upper-right corner). 
  2. Choose your TV Provider.
  3. Enter the username and password for your TV provider account. If you don't know your username and password, contact your TV provider. If you can't sign in, please see Troubleshoot MAX GO.

If this is your first time signing in, you'll be prompted to enter a MAX GO ID (a unique username for your MAX GO profile). If you have both HBO GO and MAX GO, you can use the same ID for both apps.

Note  HBO GO and MAX GO share the same parental control settings. Any changes that you make to your parental controls will apply to both services and all of your devices.

Using sub-accounts with MAX GO

If your TV provider allows sub-accounts to access MAX GO, then members of your household can have their own MAX GO profile and settings (such as My List, Continue Watching and Parental Controls).

If you get a "primary account not yet registered" message, you need to sign in with your primary TV provider account first (and create a MAX GO profile) before you can sign in with a sub-account.

If you're not sure which account is your primary TV provider account, contact your TV provider. HBO does not have access to this information.